Saturday, April 23, 2011

weak without her ;(


weak weak and weak.! yess i weak without her . grr.! whats going on.? gaduh lagi nan dea today . its my fault . always make her like that . im STUPID person . im BAD girl . i dont know what happen to me . i cant be like this .  one day i will make her so damn hurt . i don't want . i love her . but now she's not TRUST me anymore . its make me so fucking sad lorh ;( ohh~god . tell her that i love her damn much.!!!!!! i need her in my life . nadia please jgn mcm nh . you my everything lorh syg . swear ta tipu pon . remember what i say . i will love you until our relation still go on or not . its my promise.!!! nh BUKTI i love you syg.!! 
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